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What We Do

We offer a holistic medical–complementary health approach to disease prevention, management and anti-ageing therapy.

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At Advanced Medical Centre, we take pride in providing our full range of medical and health treatments to patients of all backgrounds.

Treatments We Offer

The advice and treatment offered at Advanced Medical Centre is completely professional and multi-disciplinary.

Tree of Life

We appeal to donors to contribute to The Life Extension Medicine Humanitarian Foundation to assist patients who cannot afford treatment.


Advanced Medical Centre is the first of its kind health care centre modeled on the best in the world German Integrative Medicine health and cancer clinics and dedicated specifically to the extension of life span and the enhancement of quality of life. This is achieved by adopting a multidisciplinary, holistic medical–complementary health approach to disease prevention, management, and anti-aging therapy.

Why Choose Advanced Medical Centre?

Because we offer the most comprehensive integrative medicine treatment programs in South Africa and we have the most sophisticated diagnostic and treatment equipment with a 7-year track record of success.

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Voted best general practice and integrated medical clinics in Africa – Independent Survey

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In our many years of operation, we have seen how too many people suffer from incorrect diagnoses and are burdened with “conventional” medicines that simply do not work – or make the problem worse. When we say that Advanced Medical Centre treats the person and not just the symptoms we really mean it. Here’s what some of our patients have to say.

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