Anti-Ageing Medicine & Therapy

Anti-Ageing Medicine and Therapy, also known as Healthy Ageing Medicine and Therapy, is being driven by the 450-500 million baby boomers internationally.

There is a new consciousness about maintaining one’s youthfulness in terms of health and appearance (anti-ageing) for as long as possible into our senior years.

Plastic or cosmetic surgery can assist with external (aesthetic) appearance, but internal anatomical and physiological aging needs specialized preventative and therapy-based interventive treatments provided by integrative treatments administered by integrative physicians involving hormone balancing, nutritional therapy, circulation, and immune system enhancement as well as detoxification, exercise, lifestyle advice, and DNA testing.

Anti-Ageing - Alt Med Care - Advanced Medical Centre
Anti-Ageing - Our Aesthetic Partners, Nix & Tee, attending to some of our anti-ageing patients

Our Aesthetic Partners, Nix and Tee Wellness and Aesthetics, offer treatments that are designed to help patients rediscover their youthfulness using world-renowned technology and procedures.  Combined, they have years of knowledge, training, and experience in both the medical and aesthetic fields to offer patients personalised care in a relaxed and comfortable setting.