Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy (H2O2)

Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy is similar to Ozone Therapy.

Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) is produced in the human body (cells and immune cells) and is converted to water (H2O) plus single highly reactive oxygen (O–), oxygen minus an electron, making it very unstable and able to rip into pathogens and toxins, oxidising and destroying or neutralising them.

Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy and Ozone Therapy, therefore, have the same benefits for the human body. See Ozone Therapy.

Hydrogen peroxide in high doses is toxic to the body and therefore should not be drunk or injected intravenously without being prepared correctly in the laboratory at the right grade and concentration (30-35% FOOD GRADE ONLY) and then diluted in purified or filtered water for drinking and in 0,9% physiological saline solution for intravenous use. There are specific protocols for the administration of hydrogen peroxide which may only be administered by registered medical professionals.

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