Light & Frequency Therapy

At the foundation of all that exists in the universe is energy. The most fundamental form of energy which we can measure is electromagnetic and light (photons) energy, consisting of millions and billions of waves of energy of different frequencies.

The human DNA and all the cells and atoms in the human body have energy and vibrate (resonate) at different individual frequencies, including light frequencies. When we are ill or injured or stressed our cells’ energy and frequencies are disturbed, unsynchronized, chaotic, and imbalanced. The cells can therefore not function properly either biochemically or metabolically or structurally and we develop disease, malfunction, weakness, fatigue, and incapacitation.

In order to re-align, re-balance, re-synchronize, re-establish, and re-energize the cells and organs one can apply micro electrical, magnetic, electromagnetic, and light (photonic) energy at certain strengths, wavelengths, and frequencies to accelerate healing, cell repair, cell functioning and reversal of damage or the aging process.

AMCMED International Clinic in Pretoria East uses highly sophisticated magnetic, electromagnetic, micro-electrical, far infrared, and photonic (light) variable frequency devices to aid, assist, support, and accelerate the healing process in many diseases and disorders, as well as alleviate pain, suffering, and rehabilitation from sports injuries, strokes or accidents.

Light and Frequency Therapies

  • Quad Light Plasma
  • Single Light Plasma

  • Multi Plasma
  • Yellow Plasma

  • Red Plasma
  • Green Plasma

  • Blue Plasma
  • Single Red Laser

Light and Frequency Therapies treat the following conditions:

  • Light and Frequency Therapies treat the following conditions:
  • Lymph Congestion and Swelling

  • Chronic Diseases
  • Pain (Muscles, Joints and Bones)

  • Injuries and Wounds

Benefits of Light and Frequency Therapies

  • Increase in electrical energy and blood flow
  • Increased movement of nutrients into and out of cells
  • Increased oxygenation of cells
  • Destruction of pathogens (germs), viruses, bacteria, fungi and

  • parasites Balancing of the cells
  • Increased resistance to diseases
  • Detoxification Accelerated healing
  • Pain reduction and decreased inflammation and swelling

  • Enhanced learning capabilities
  • Enhanced mental performance
  • Elevation of mood
  • De-stress and relaxation

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Pulsed Magnetic Frequency Therapy

The patient/client may also receive pulsed magnetic frequency therapy at the same time as the magnetic therapy.

The doctor or health care practitioner will determine the specific frequencies which are necessary to either kill germs (viruses, bacteria, parasites, fungi) or to promote blood flow and oxygenation, enhance the immune system, reduce inflammation and pain, bring about energetic balance, or accelerate healing.

It causes no pain or noise or side effects.

Magnetic Therapy (Tri – Wave Therapy)

The patient/client lies on a bed or sits on a chair that has a magnetic blanket or mat underneath, which generates a strong magnetic field to promote blood flow and increase oxygenation, reduced inflammation, and acceleration of healing.

It causes no pain, or noise or side effects.

Variable Photonic(Light) Therapy

The patient/client may receive Variable Photonic (Light) therapy.

There are 2 devices, a non-contact machine and a contact machine.

The non-contact machine is placed over the client/patient’s body where the pain or diseased organ is, approx. 20cm away, and emits millions of beams of plasma or modifying photons light of various colors, frequencies, and strengths.

The contact machine is placed on the body and the patient or nurse or paramedic moves it over the injured or diseased area. It emits no noise or gas and causes no pain or side effects.

The VP (Light) therapy promotes cell and tissue healing and reduces pain and inflammation.

Auto-Brain Frequency & Music Therapy

The patient/client will be given a personalized audio-brain frequency CD or MP3 player with earphones to listen to while they are receiving intravenous therapy or other additional therapies.

The audio-brain frequencies have been specifically chosen to treat the underlying medical disorder.

Music therapy provided by AMCMED may also be prescribed or the patient/client may bring their own music of choice.