Oncolytic Viro-Immuno Therapy Cancer Treatment

A New Era in Cancer Treatment

AMC were the first South Africans to be certified by the International Virotherapy Centre to treat cancer patients with Oncolytic Viro-Immuno Therapy.

What is Cancer Oncolytic Viro-Immuno Therapy?

Oncolytic Viro-Immuno Therapy specifically destroys cancer cells using a live virus. This virus is the world’s first clinically approved and registered oncolytic virus which is not genetically modified. This treatment is based on more than 50 years of research.

Oncolytic Viro-Immuno Therapy takes place at our Clinics locally, based on the patient’s individual needs.  The virus is administered via IMI (intra-muscular injection) under the supervision of our Medical Doctors.


Oncolytic Viro-Immuno Therapy’s effectiveness is recognised as a safe and effective cancer treatment

The effectiveness of this type of therapy has been proven over many years of clinical studies. In 2015, the medical journal Melanoma Research published a study that revealed that melanoma patients treated with Oncolytic Viro-Immuno Therapy are 4 to 6 times more likely to survive than those who did not receive it. Oncolytic Viro-Immuno Therapy is also used off-label to treat solid tumors ( organs and tissues ) with a 20-year track record of safety and efficacy.

Mode of Action

The virus finds and infects tumour cells. This process is called oncotropism. Subsequently, the virus replicates within the tumour cells and destroys them. This process is called oncolysis. Both processes are selective for tumour cells and normal healthy cells are minimally affected, if at all.

Welcome To Your Health!

Along with Oxygen based therapies, dietary changes and nutritional support, Specialised IV Infusions, and Oncolytic Viro-Immuno Therapy, we offer this treatment plan to those who cannot have traditional cancer treatments such as surgery chemotherapy and radiation, if required, or who have already been treated but treatment has failed.

On average, this type of treatment takes place for 3 consecutive days at either clinic, with further treatments spanning 3 to 6 months, or longer if necessary.  Blood tests and scans are conducted regularly through treatment and are reviewed by our Medical Team for monitoring and evaluation.

Oncolytic Viro-Immuno Therapy Cancer Treatment - Alt Med Care