Sexual Health & Infertility

Sexual health is one very important component of general health and requires optimum physical, mental, emotional, and nutritional-hormonal status.

Advanced Medical Centre offers comprehensive assessment and treatment programs for sexual health problems, disorders, and infertility (female and, or, male).

Sexual health disorders can arise from physical factors (e.g. poor circulation and damaged nerves or complications of injury, medication, drug abuse, obesity, psycho-emotional problems, diabetes, alcohol, poor diet, hormonal deficiencies, cultural belief systems, and lack of sexual or reproductive knowledge.

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Sex is more than just pleasure and intimacy between two people; it also has great health benefits.

Sexologists say these benefits include physical wellness, disease management and prevention, emotional wellness, relationship bonding, and spiritual growth. It’s said that an orgasm a day will keep the doctor away.

Stress Relief

Sex causes the body to relax and cease producing adrenalin, which is present during stressful circumstances.

Studies have shown that people who have sex regularly have lower blood pressure, allowing them to manage stressful situations better. The endorphins released from an orgasm help you to de-stress, relaxing your mind and body.

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Assessment and Treatment

Our doctors and consultants at AMC provide a comprehensive medical and complementary health assessment with respect to Sexual Health and Infertility Disorders.

Patients are treated with Personalized Integrative Medicine Treatment Programs.