Sports Health & Performance Rehabilitation

Advanced Medical Centre provides a comprehensive Sports Health, Performance and Rehabilitation assessment and therapy program.

Assessment includes medical evaluation as well as nutrition, diet, lifestyle, strength and fitness evaluation. Bio-frequency electronic feedback as well as biochemical, DNA and pathology blood testing is used to determine organ and cellular status.

Treatment modalities include intravenous nutritional therapy, hormone optimization, detoxification, oxygen based therapies (e.g. ozone and hyperbaric oxygen), electro-muscular stimulation, electro frequency therapy, far infrared therapy and variable photonic light therapy, as well as sports nutrition and health food supplements.

AMC’s Sports Performance Clinic

The AMC Sports Performance Clinic was born out of the need, in the sports industry market, for a sports facility or clinic which could offer amateur, professional, national and Olympic status sportsmen and sportswomen the opportunity to enhance their athletic or sports performance abilities, and to help prevent injuries or accelerate the recovery from injuries incurred.

Athletes - Alt Med Care

Performance Assessment, Treatments & Training Programs:

  • Medical Blood & Urine Testing
  • Physical Medical Parameters
  • Live Blood Analysis (Dark & Bright Fields)
  • Nutritional Analysis
  • Body Energetic Frequency Scanning (ALTX, Bio-Tracer, SCIO)
  • DNA Genetic Testing
  • Physical Parameters
  • Body Composition
  • Monitoring & Evaluation
    Specialized Referrals
    IV Nutraceutical (Intravenous Drips)
    Ozone – Hyperthermal