The ALT-X Rapid Health Scanner

The ALT-X Rapid Health Scanner

The ALT-X Rapid Health Scanner is a next generation rapid Body Analyser instrument of the future evolutionized from the technology of the SCIO, BEST, RIFE, and other such current bio-frequency testing instruments, it incorporates the process of Neurosomatic Bio-frequency Synchronization (NBS) which is a powerful, yet subtle, nano-quantum energetic system which uses the power of frequency combined with electrical brainwave activity to assess the health of the body (soma) by inducing enhanced cellular frequency energy and resonance.

The analysis and treatment program is unique to Advanced Medical Centre and has been designed to be utilized as a general rapid screening device thereby reducing the need for lengthy and costly biochemical pathology based blood and urine chemistry tests for various health related conditions. It simply scans the body in a non-invasive manner and collects bio electronic health data within minutes from the various body systems.  As it is frequency algorithm based, there is no need to draw blood for the scan and it produces no side effects (e.g. pain or bleeding).

The ALT-X Rapid Health Scanner does not completely replace blood and urine pathology screening tests or panels, which still play a vital role in medical diagnostics. What the ALT-X scanner does is give a ‘snapshot’ picture of the patient’s overall health status and red flags medical risk factors.

The ALT-X Rapid Health Scanner is designed to give the Doctors / Nurses/ Therapists a battery of test information such as, but not limited to, cardiovascular, (heart and blood vessels), digestion, liver, gallbladder, kidney, lung and respiratory tract functions. It also gives indications of the energetic network system, brain and memory status, gynaecological and prostate status, bones, muscles, joints, blood sugar and insulin resistance status, toxicity levels, amino acids, heavy metals, as well as indications of the endocrine and immune system function or activity status, within a few minutes, as opposed to a battery of laboratory tests which take hours to days to weeks to get results.

It involves high-tech innovation which combines various modalities of medicine, bio-feedback, electronic/electrical engineering and Quantum physics sciences. Using Quantum nanophysics as the theoretical basis, it applies a unique algorithm through advanced electronic circuitry to collect the nano magnetic flux fields of human cells for comparative analysis through a pre-defined frequency data bank, thereby analysing and determining the individual’s personal frequency blue print against abnormally unhealthy frequencies, thereby determining their health status and/or main disorders, excesses and deficiencies.

Multiple indicators can be obtained within minutes from the pre-defined database which is incorporated into the analysis system. This database was established over many years with scientific methods, bio statistical analysis and a large number of clinical studies, verifying a high degree of analytical accuracy.

The ALT-X Rapid Health Scanner produces an individualized report for the health care practitioner. By positioning itself as a forerunner in advanced health science, it has the advantages of completeness, cost effectiveness, non-invasiveness, practicality, simplicity and speed. With the depth and development of its reporting structures, it will make a great contribution to ensure that serious medical disorders or early warning signs are picked up through speedy assessment, thereby allowing rapid implementation of corrective measures to reduce the debilitating effects of stress and trauma and disease. Early medical and lifestyle interventions, as well as serial progress monitoring efficiency, ensures human health improvement, life expectancy enhancement, increased productivity and reduced financial burden.