Tree of Life

About the Tree of Life

In African culture, the tree is portrayed as an ancestral symbol of wisdom, authority, and custom, providing a bond between the dead and the living (Studstill 1970).   Similarly, in other stories, Gorog-Karady (1970) relates that the tree is often symbolised as both mediator and judge.

At AMC we are proudly African.  By way of using natural, traditional, and indigenous medicines which have been handed down through the centuries and now applied through western protocols, we have been able to restore the good health of many patients.

Advanced Medical Centre - AMC - Disease prevention, management - Ozone Therapy, FAR Infrared Therapy, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Caring amidst adversity

Through the generosity of benevolent donors to The Life Extension Medicine Humanitarian Foundation (LXMHF), AMC has been able to assist many patients who have been unable to afford treatment.  Donations received into the LXMHF are also disbursed to other accredited medical service providers for patients receiving potentially life-saving treatments.

COVID-19 hit many pockets.  Hard.  Many patients were unable to continue with their treatments and, sadly, medical aids do not recognize complementary and alternative treatments.  Consequently, LXMHF assisted COVID-positive patients in rural communities with Dr. Bret Phillips’ Immune Boosting supplementation and intravenous protocols.

LXMHF needs your support

Post-pandemic, and with no surplus funds available in LXMHF,  AMC directors Dr. Phillips and Dr. Rosema personally continued funding patients to ensure treatment compliance. LXMHF, however, now needs the assistance of corporate South Africa, prospective and existing patients to raise funds in order to continue to support patients in need of treatment, particularly long-haul COVID and cancer patients.

We need your support!
Please donate to our Tree of Life.

We are appealing to donors to buy a leaf on our Tree of Life.


Each leaf will carry the name of a patient who is currently being treated at AMC
or in memory of a loved one who has passed away.


Once our trees are full, we would have raised R500,000-00 for The LXM Humanitarian Foundation.


Our Tree of Life will feature prominently in both our AMC Clinics in Pretoria and Dainfern.

Option 1

Dark blue extra large leaf
Capital letters mirrored
R5 000

Option 2

Dark blue extra large leaf
Capital letters mirrored
R1 500

Option 3

Light blue medium leaf
One name only

R1 000

Option 4

Teal small leaf
Capital or small letters
Name & RIP

Kindly make your donations into the LXMHF bank account and send proof of payment to Dr Trisch Rosema so that a SARS IT12EI Tax Exemption Certificate can be issued to you by the Foundation. Once payment is received and the leaf has been placed onto the Tree of Life, you will receive a photograph of your donated leaf.

Account Name: LXM Humanitarian Foundation NPC

Bank: ABSA

Branch: Menlyn Main

Branch Code: 632005

Account No. 4084948082

Ref: Tree of Life