Weight Loss Therapy

Medical Weight Loss Therapy is more than a calorie restriction diet and exercise.

With medical weight loss therapy, the client is assessed medically and in terms of their psycho-emotional status and lifestyle. Thorough assessment includes hormones, nutrition, digestion, genetics and stress profiling, and treatment. There is no single “magic bullet” for weight loss (excess fat loss, not muscle protein loss).

Clients are individuals who require a personalized, integrative medicine treatment program, which can be monitored medically and adjusted according to the client’s physiological status and environmental circumstances. Some individuals are underweight and require mass gain personalized programs.

Nutrition and Exercise - Advanced Medical Centre
Fit - Advanced Medical Centre

Weight Loss/Weight Gain Therapies

  • Medical Assessment and Tests
  • Complementary Medicine Assessment
  • Diet and Nutritional Advice
  • Medication (Natural and Pharmaceutical)
  • Body Scans
  • Behaviour/Lifestyle Modification
  • Exercise Advice

Weight Loss/Weight Gain Treatment Programs:

  • Natural Medication and Detox
  • Pharmacological Medication (if necessary)
  • Hormone Balancing
  • Cell Nutrition and Diet Program
  • Ozone Sauna Sessions
  • Cavitation (Radio Frequency and Ultrasound) Fat Breakdown
  • Lymphatic Drainage
  • Exercise and Gym Personal Training

Weight Loss - apple, weight and measuring tape
Weight Loss 2 - apple, weight and measuring tape

AMCMED in association with Integrative Medical Clinics (South Africa), Wellmed, Precision Fitness, and strategic alliance partners is proud to announce the establishment of highly innovative Medical Slimming Clinics in South Africa based in Pretoria East, Gauteng.

The AMC Medical Slimming Clinic bases its practice and methodology of weight loss (specifically fat loss) on medical protocols and scientific research conducted by pioneers in the field.

The AMC Medical Slimming Clinic was born out of the need, in the weight loss industry market, for a medical slimming centre or clinic which could offer the client or patient, the service of weight loss that is effective and safe, without all the negative side effects associated with unrealistic or dangerous rapid weight loss gimmicks and programs.

Assessment, Treatment & Slimming Programs Psycho-Physical Assessment: (Options)

  • Medical Profiling (General Health, Hormones, Fats, Organ Stress, Toxins)
  • Psycho-Emotional Profiling (Behaviour, Stressors)
  • Physical Parameters (Body Composition, BP, Oxygenation, BMI)
  • Nutritional Analysis (Protein, Carbs, Amino Acids, Minerals, Vitamins, Enzymes)
  • GUT Status (Probiotic, Digestion, Food Sensitivities)
  • DNA Testing (DNA Diet, Liver-Estrogen, Health & Fitness)
  • Specialized Scanning (ALTX, SCIO, Thermograms, Live Blood Analysis)
  • Specialized Referrals (e.g. Plastic Surgeons, Endocrinologists)

Slimming Treatment - Alt Med Care
Slimming Treatment - machine - AMC

Treatment and Slimming Programs: (Options)

  • Diet and Advice
  • Exercise and Gym and Electro Muscular Stimulation (Revolution Fit)
  • Food- 3 Meals per Day (2 weeks or 4 weeks) supplied by specialized chef (On Request)
  • Cavitation Machine (Non Surgical) Fat Breakdown (Lipolysis)
  • Ozone Saunas
  • Far Infrared Heat Blankets
  • Detoxification
  • Anti- Stress Therapy ( BAR Therapy, Deep Relaxation Therapy, Trauma Release Therapy)
  • N.O.T (Neural Organizational Technique) Therapy (Outside Referral)
  • IV Therapy (Nutrition and Cell Rejuvenation )- Medical Doctor
  • Food Supplements and Anti-Fat Agents
  • Medication (Medical Doctor)
  • Massages (Lymph drainage and Swedish)

Packages: Treatment and Slimming Programs range from Once Off treatment to Daily, Weekly and Monthly Packages (45mins – 2 hrs per session).